5G MICRO SHIELD is a highly innovative product, a real breaktrough in the field of protection against harmful EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) involved în modern communication technologies.


Our product is the result of decades of scientific research studies and lab tests that involved leading scientists, engineers and biologists from around the world.

Today, the result of their work is a 5G MicroShiled, an one-of-a-kind smart card that is using holographic scalar coding (HSC) under special conditions in order to create an effective dynamic protection field around the smartphone user.

Because 5G MicroShiled is activated specifically by the presence of harmful EMFs, it functions continuously from the moment it is applied on your smartphone, creating a 80” radius protection ”bubble”, with the additional benefits of prolonging battery life and preventing phone overheating.

All these benefits, and more, were confirmed by succesful tests in independent laboratories in Europe and the USA.

We take pride in employing the highest manufacturing standards (Swiss Standards Compliant) and the best materials (Titanium) in order to give you not only effective around the clock protection agianst harmful EMFs, but true peace of mind.

Thank you for considering becoming one of our valued customers!