5G MicroShield – The Solution To Prevent Harmful Radiations From Smartphones

Mobile phones emit radiofrequency and electromagnetic radiation. Prolonged exposure to that type of radiations is harmful to your health. 5G MicroShield is the ideal solution for radiation reduction and for diminish the influence it has on your body. 

The Science Behind 5G MicroShield  

5G MicroShield is a result of decades of research studies conducted by American, European, Russian and other scientists from all around the world. In a breakthrough discovery, they proved that by using holographic scalar coding (HSC) under special conditions it is possible to programing the card in such way that it ensures  protection against smartphone radiations.

By using 5G MicroShield protection smart card one creates a dynamic protection field which fuctions continuously and systematically. his is why, when using 5G MicroShield, no other protection is needed.

All functionality and effects of the card, were confirmed by the European independent research laboratory BION located in Slovenia.