, Testing The 5G MicroShield Cards

Testing The 5G MicroShield Cards

To be sure that it really works, we had the card tested in the independent laboratory. There, a team of experts conducted scientific research on multiple test groups, where some of them were given a device with HSC protection smart card, whereas others were given a device with fake card. This way we ensured the accuracy of data and measurement.

During the testing researchers followed effects of mobile phone before usage, during calling and after the call was finished. It is well known that using mobile phones can raise body temperature in places that are in contact with the device. During the testing it was proven that temperature increase was not present in users who used the device with applied HSC card.

Institute BION who conducted the testing has issued the certificate for protective influence under the number 0253 for the year 2019. This way we can guarantee the protection from negative influence of mobile phone radiation on your health. Beside using the card on mobile phone it is possible to use it on laptop computers and tablets. Summary of the testing can be found here.